Table 8 Summary of intermediate transcriptome assemblies for Chelydra serpentina
Assembly TypeSequencing PlatformTissue TypeAssemblerTotal TranscriptsTransdecoder Transcriptsblast2cap3Mikado Input
Reference aided (A. mississippiensis)Illumina & 454H/P, G, I, H, CCLC Genomics35436n/a35436
Reference aided (C. picta)Illumina & 454H/P, G, I, H, CCLC Genomics38262n/a38262
Reference aided (T. carolina)Illumina & 454H/P, G, I, H, CCLC Genomics29707n/a29707
De novoIllumina & 454H/P, G, I, H, CCLC Genomics1161412160679154815154815
De novoNanopore direct cDNAAKGCanu11924n/a11924
De novoNanopore direct cDNAAKGCLC Genomics9025n/a9025
De novoIlluminaGTrinity3828459980199801
De novoIlluminaHTrinity613600151273151273
De novoIlluminaH/P, ITrinity2863687582375823
De novoIlluminaCTrinity837323124988124988
  • Key to tissue types: Embryonic and Hatchling Hypothalamus/Pituitary (H/P), Embryonic Gonads (G), Hatchling Intestine (I), Juvenile Heart (H), Cultured Embryonic Gonad Cells (C), Embryonic Adrenal-Kidney-Gonad Complexes (AKG).