Table 1 Genome assembly and annotation statistics for P. nigronervosa and M. cerasi
SpeciesP. nigronervosaM. cerasiM. cerasi
Base pairs (Mb)375.35405.71393.23
% Ns0.070.050.16
Number of contigs*20,87351,48845,960
Contig N50 (Kb)*64.0619.720.6
Number of scaffolds18,34849,28639,595
Scaffold N50 (Kb)103.9923.2735.19
Longest scaffold (Kb)631.82265.36350.78
Protein coding genes27,69828,68831,070
ReferenceThis studyThorpe et al. (2018)This study
  • * Scaffolds split on runs of 10 or more Ns.