Table 1 Yeast stains used in this study
StrainMating typeMarkersSource
C+MATalphano auxotrophic markersBrambilla 1999a
C+ rho-zeroMATalphano mtDNAthis paper
C+ afo1-MATalphaafo1::NourseoR ATP3G348Tthis paper b
C+ MATaMATano auxotrophic markersthis paper
JS760MATa/alphaafo1::NourseoR/AFO1+ ATP3G348T/ATP3+this paper
JS760-6AMATaAFO1+ ATP3G348Tthis paper
JS760-6BMATaafo1::NourseoR ATP3+this paper
JS760-6CMATalphaAFO1+ ATP3+this paper
JS760-6DMATalphaafo1::NourseoR ATP3G348Tthis paper
JS765MATa/MATalphaa cross of 6Bx6Dthis paper
C+ ura3-MATalphaura3-a gift from D.Porro
JS760-6B his3-same markers as JS760-6B, but his3::kanMX4this paper
  • a strain GRFc of Brambilla et al. 1999 was renamed C+ for the purpose of the present paper.

  • b The mutation ATP3G348T in this strain ocurred spontaneously and was discovered during the course of this work.