Table 4 2×2 contingency tables, testing whether grouping accuracy, mapping method, and level of family support (see Table 2) are independent within each layer of the three factors. The odds ratio is the product of the upper left cell and the lower right cell divided by the product of the upper right cell and the lower left cell
Factor 1, level 1Factor 2StatisticsFactor 1, level 2Factor 2Statistics
Level 1Level 2Level 1Level 2
1 familynon-conLGconLGp-value:0.0003>1 familynon-conLGconLGp-value:0.0314
JoinMap 4.1441607odds ratio:1.725JoinMap 4.15846odds ratio:2.560
conLGJoinMap 4.1Lep-MAP3p-value:2.52E-16non-conLGJoinMap 4.1Lep-MAP3p-value:0.9320
>1 family84616919d.f.:1>1 family5256d.f.:1
1 family160745795odds ratio:1.4251 family442163odds ratio:0.960
JoinMap 4.11 family>1 familyp-value:0.0004Lep-MAP31 family>1 familyp-value:4.22E-72
conLG1607846odds ratio:4.633conLG4579516919odds ratio:3.122