Table 3 Gene Ontology (GO) Term enrichment of positive genetic interactors with hrq1
GO Term (GO ID)Genes Annotated to the GO TermGO Term Usage in Gene ListGenome Frequency of Use
mitotic cell cycle (GO:0000278)ACT1, APC11, BRN1, CDC48, CDC6, CLB3, CSM1, DPB11, IPL1, MCD1, MPS1, MPS3, MYO2, PDS5, PFY1, PSE1, PSF1, SMC4, SPT6, VRP120 of 151 genes, 13.25%373 of 6436 annotated genes, 5.80%
cytoskeleton organization (GO:0007010)ACT1, AIM14, ARP3, CDC48, CLB3, ICE2, IPL1, LAS17, MPS1, MPS2, MPS3, MYO2, NUM1, PFY1, RSP5, SPC29, STH1, TSC11, VRP119 of 151 genes, 12.58%272 of 6436 annotated genes, 4.23%
regulation of organelle organization (GO:0033043)AIM14, APC11, ARP3, CDC48, CDC6, CLB3, IPL1, LAS17, MPS1, PCP1, PFY1, PSE1, RSP5, SEC23, SGV1, SPT6, TSC11, VRP118 of 151 genes, 11.92%326 of 6436 annotated genes, 5.07%
lipid metabolic process (GO:0006629)ALG14, CDC1, CHO2, DGA1, GAA1, GPI10, GPI12, GPI2, GWT1, LCB1, MGA2, OPI3, PHS1, RSP5, SAC1, SUR1, TSC11, VPS418 of 151 genes, 11.92%347 of 6436 annotated genes, 5.39%
DNA repair (GO:0006281)ACT1, ARP8, CDC1, DPB11, IXR1, MCD1, NHP10, PDS5, POB3, POL3, PSF1, RAD3, RNH201, RSC2, SLX5, SLX8, STH1, TEL118 of 151 genes, 11.92%300 of 6436 annotated genes, 4.66%
transcription by RNA polymerase II (GO:0006366)CAM1, CSE2, IXR1, MGA2, MOT1, NHP10, PDC2, POB3, RAD3, RGR1, RSC2, RSP5, SGV1, SPT6, STH115 of 151 genes, 9.93%536 of 6436 annotated genes, 8.33%
chromatin organization (GO:0006325)ARP8, CAC2, CDC6, IES1, MGA2, MPS3, NHP10, ORC6, POB3, RSC2, RSP5, SPT6, STH1, TEL114 of 151 genes, 9.27%310 of 6436 annotated genes, 4.82%
chromosome segregation (GO:0007059)APC11, BRN1, CDC48, CSM1, IPL1, MCD1, MPS1, MPS3, PDS5, RSC2, SMC4, SPC24, STH113 of 151 genes, 8.61%210 of 6436 annotated genes, 3.26%
organelle fission (GO:0048285)APC11, BRN1, CLB3, CSM1, IPL1, MCD1, MPS1, MPS3, NUM1, PDS5, PSE1, SMC412 of 151 genes, 7.95%268 of 6436 annotated genes, 4.16%
rRNA processing (GO:0006364)BMS1, FAL1, MAK5, MOT1, MRM2, POP4, RPF2, RPS23A, RPS6B, RPS9B, RSP5, SLX912 of 151 genes, 7.95%352 of 6436 annotated genes, 5.47%