Table 5 Temperature-sensitive alleles that cause the strongest growth phenotypes when combined with the hrq1 and sgs1 mutants
Query strainNegative interactionsaPositive interactions
hrq1Δyef3-f650smps3-1, slx9, act1-105, arp3-g302y, arp3-31, crm1-1
hrq1-K318Ayef3-f650scse2, dbp5-2, crm1-1, mps1-1
sgs1Δyef3-f650s, efb1-4, swc4-4stt3-1, arp2-14, ydl003w-ph, sfi1-7, nse5-ts1, rad54, nsl1-6, act1-105, mps3-1, smc2-8, hrp1-7, crm1-1
sgs1-K706Aypr086w-ph, yef3-f650s, swc4-4brn1-9, ydr331w-ph, mps3-1, arc40-ph, cdc20-3, dpb11-1, arp3-g302y, crm1-1
hrq1Δ sgs1Δdna2-1, nse4-ts2, mob2-38, smt3-331, rot1-ph, mob2-22kch1, pol1-17, nuf2-ph, pse1-41, ndc1-4, tor2-29, mps1-1, nsl1-6, prp6-ts, ypr086w-ph, mps3-1, rad5
hrq1Δ sgs1-K706Anse4-ts2, dbf4-1, rot1-ph, cdc2-1, mob2-28, cep3-1, nse4-ts1, mob2-22, smc6-9, mob2-38, mob2-14, pri2-1, nse1-16, mob2-8arf1, ala1-1, gna1-ts, gle1-4, sfi1-7, nut1, tim22-19, prp6-ts, cdc23-1, cdc20-1, cdc13-1, rad54, nse5-ts1, yol102c-ph
hrq1-K318A sgs1Δdbf4-1, dna2-1, nse4-ts2yhr122w-ph, nut1, sfi1-7, pse1-41, yjl174w-ph, cab1-ph, srm1-ts, kch1, tim22-19, sth1-3, yjl011c-ph, prp6-ts, bem1, yol102c-ph, act1-105
hrq1-K318A sgs1-K706Anse4-ts2, rot1-ph, cdc2-1, mob2-38lip1-ph, ala1-1, gle1-4, srv2-2, sfh1-1, nut1, pse1-41, sth1-3, cdc28-td, gpi17-ph, tim22-19, arp3-31, yol102c-ph, prp43-ts2
  • a Negative interactors are listed from largest absolute value of their SGA score to the smallest, but positive interactors are listed from the smallest absolute value of their SGA score to the largest.