Table 3 BUSCO completeness of giant sequoia 2.0 assembly and annotation
Giant sequoia v2.0Giant sequoia v2.0 (≥3kbp)TranscriptomeTranscriptome mapped to genomeHigh-confidence gene set
Number of input sequences82158120258592269741633
Complete BUSCOs (C)61261313771184806
Complete and single-copy BUSCOs (S)57657713331140751
Complete and duplicated BUSCOs (D)3636444455
Fragmented BUSCOs (F)1921919584260
Missing BUSCOs (M)810810142346548
Total BUSCO groups searched16141614161416141614
Percentage found37.92%37.98%85.32%73.36%49.94%
  • Completeness of giant sequoia 2.0 assembly and gene sets assessed with BUSCOv4.0.2. Giant sequoia v2.0 is the entire assembly and giant sequoia v2.0 (≥3kbp) only includes scaffolds at least 3kbp in length.