Table 2 Expression patterns of Gal4 drivers in adult female tissues
Reported tissue specificityDriverBrainMuscleFat BodyGutOvaryReference
Ovarybab1-Gal4+++This study
hh-Gal4MB++This study
hh-Gal4TX++This study
hh-Gal4JF++This study
ptc-Gal4+++This study
c587-Gal4+++This study
tj-Gal4+++This study
Gut and Malpighian tubulesmex1-Gal4+This study
NP3084-Gal4++This study
esg-Gal4++This study
dl-Gal4+++This study
Su(H)GBE-Gal4+++This study
myo31D-Gal4++(Weaver and Drummond-Barbosa 2019)
c42-Gal4++This study
Uro-Gal4+This study
Muscle and brainMHC-Gal4+(Weaver and Drummond-Barbosa 2019)
mef2-Gal4+++aThis study
nSyb.P-Gal4++This study
nSyb.S-Gal4+(Weaver and Drummond-Barbosa 2019)
repo-Gal4++This study
ChAT-Gal4+This study
Sensory neuronspebbled-Gal4+++This study
Gr5a-Gal4+This study
Gr66a-Gal4+This study
Ir8a-Gal4+This study
Ir25a-Gal4+This study
Or83b-Gal4+This study
ppk-Gal4+This study
Fat bodyadh-Gal4+n.d.b+++(Armstrong et al. 2014)
cg-Gal4+n.d.++(Armstrong et al. 2014)
FB-Gal4n.d.++(Armstrong et al. 2014)
3.1Lsp2-Gal4n.d.+(Armstrong et al. 2014)
r4-Gal4+n.d.+++(Armstrong et al. 2014)
ppl-Gal4n.d.++(Armstrong et al. 2014)
PromE800-Gal4+(Weaver and Drummond-Barbosa 2019)
  • a Expression in visceral muscle surrounding gut.

  • b n.d., not determined.