Table 1 Datasets used in this study. UKB, UK Biobank; WHI, Women’s Health Initiative; JHS, Jackson Heart Study; HRS, Health and Retirement Study; CI, bootstrap 95% confidence intervals
DatasetAncestryNaTotal number of SNPSbNumber of SNPs in PRScPartial-R2 (CI, %)European Ancestry (%)
UKB European subset (UKB_eur)European9,998d685,4756,05222.4 (20.8-24)100
HRS European (HRS_eur)European American10,159 (10,123)1,515,431 (10,118,786)7,117 (9,724)15.6 (14.4-16.9)100
UKB admixed African (UKB_afr)African + European8,700 (8,696)685,475 (13,279,553)6,049 (10,577)4.1 (3.2-4.9)13.1
WHI (WHI_afr)African American6,863741,9835,7443.6 (2.8-4.5)22.7
JHS (JHS_afr)African American1,773702,6855,6763.8 (2.2-5.7)17.7
HRS admixed African HRS_afrAfrican American2,251 (2,241)1,511,742 (10,118,786)7,101 (9,724)3.1 (1.9-4.6)17.5
  • a number of individuals;

  • b number of SNPs in the intersection between genotyped (or imputed) SNPs and SNPs from the height GWAS that passed our filters;

  • c SNPs clumped in 100 Kb windows and with P < 0.0005;

  • a, b,c number of individuals and SNPs in imputed set in parentheses; d, randomly selected from the entire European component of the cohort.