Table 1 Statistics for five assemblies of Trichogramma brassicae. The first strategy was PacBio-only in Canu, while three hybrid assembly strategies were based on SPAdes and modulating k-mer sizes, and an additional hybrid assembly was based on an adapted DBG2OLC+Racon+Pilon protocol. BUSCO score is based on the insect_db09 dataset (Simão et al. 2015)
AssemblerVersionSize (bp)ContigsLongest contig (bp)N50 (bp)BUSCO (Complete %)
SPAdes (k = 21, 33, 55)v2.1227,096,967282,988474,99836,87096.8
SPAdes (k = 21, 33, 55, 77)v2.2226,864,253189,696548,75349,09697.1
SPAdes (k = 127)v2.3211,402,32673,567537,81763,55896.4
DBG2OLC+ Racon+Pilonv3.0235,413,7741,5722,953,580556,66395.5