Table 1 Sequencing metrics for raw reads of B. stolonifera samples. Raw read counts by bryozoan tissue and replicate, as determined by the Illumina HiSeq 2500. Asterisks indicate the biological replicate that originated from the same genetic individual. ’PE Reads’ refers to paired end reads. A quality score of 30 represents P = 0.001
Sample TissuePE ReadsBases with Quality > 30
Autozooid, Bud-113,496,15595.10
Autozooid, Bud-213,389,59595.39
Autozooid, Bud-3*14,172,05493.67
Autozooid, Mature-122,899,04795.08
Autozooid, Mature-221,689,24295.59
Autozooid, Mature-3*16,366,67395.68
Avicularium, Bud-124,427.06093.25
Avicularium, Bud-221,277,53694.26
Avicularium, Bud-3*23,257,58492.68
Avicularium, Mature-120,466,75793.03
Avicularium, Mature-234,397,85093.85
Avicularium, Mature-3*22,417,20894.87
Rhizoid Network-110,976,82894.10
Rhizoid Network-218,043,14093.84
Rhizoid Network-3*14,698,22693.96
Rhizoid, Autozooid-134,129,05597.10
Rhizoid, Autozooid-222,578,27294.47
Rhizoid, Autozooid-3*12,255,31894.81