Table 3 Full-length sequence statistics
SamplescDNA SizeReads of InsertNumber of five prime readsNumber of three prime readsNumber of poly-A readsNumber of filtered short readsNumber of non-full-length readsNumber of full-length readsNumber of full-length non-chimeric readsAverage full-length non-chimeric read lengthFull-Length Percentage (FL%)Artificial Concatemers (%)
  • cDNA size: insert fragment size of cDNA libraries; Reads of insert: the number of ROI sequences; Number of 5′ reads: the number of ROI sequences containing 5′ ends; Number of 3′ reads: the number of ROI sequences containing 3′ ends; Number of poly-A reads: the number of ROI sequences containing poly-A sequence; Number of filtered short reads: the number of filtered ROIs of <300 bp; Number of non-full-length reads: the number of non-full-length ROIs; Number of FLNC reads: the number of full-length non-chimeric ROIs;Average FLNC read length: average length of full-length non-chimeric sequences; Full-length percentage (FL%): the percentage of ROIs that were full-length sequences;Artificial concatemers (%): the percentage of ROIs that were full-length chimeric sequences.