Table 1 Assembly statistics
Total size (bp)Total number of contigsContig N50 (bp)BUSCO annotation
Wtdgb2 “Trial c”668,357,52616006,012,173C:23.2%[D:0.3%], F:11.8%,M:65%, n = 4584
Wtdgb2 “Trial q”670,278,27816666,004,590C:42.5%[D:0.4%], F:7.6%, M:50%, n = 4584
Quickmerge contigs677,547,349125310,448,158Not done
Racon polishing683,672,734125310,518,163C:66.5%[D:1.2%], F:8.1%, M:25.3%, n = 4584
Pilon polishing685,982,295125310,559,872C:94.1%[D:3.0%], F:1.9%, M:4.0%, n = 4584
  • Metrics describing genome statistics of the two initial Wtdgb2 assemblies, the quickmerge assembly, the gadMor_Celtic assembly after polishing with nanopore (Racon) and final assembly after polishing with Illumina (Pilon) data.