Table 2 Classification of Pyrus species into different groups as reported in Montanari et al. (2019)
Occidental speciesOriental species
Group CommunisGroup 3 (East Asian “pea” pears)
Pyrus communisPyrus betulaefolia
Pyrus communis subsp. caucasicaPyrus calleryana
Pyrus communis subsp. pyrasterPyrus calleryana f. graciliflora
Group 1 (Europe, North Africa – P. communis wild relatives)Pyrus dimorphophylla
Pyrus cordataPyrus fauriei
Pyrus cossoniiPyrus koehnei
Pyrus gharbianaGroup 4 (East Asian large-fruited cultivars and wild relatives)
Pyrus korshinskyiPyrus ×bretschneideri
Pyrus mamorensisPyrus ×sinkiangensis
Pyrus nivalisPyrus hondoensis
Group 2 (Middle East/Central Asia arid-adapted species)Pyrus pashia
Pyrus ×canescensPyrus pseudopashia
Pyrus elaeagrifoliaPyrus pyrifolia
Pyrus glabraPyrus ussuriensis
Pyrus regeliiPyrus xerophila
Pyrus sachokiana
Pyrus salicifolia
Pyrus spinosa
Pyrus syriaca