Table 1 The genome-scale SARS-CoV-2 coding sequence clone collection
Gene SymbolCDS NamePutative Function/DomainAA LengthClone Status
ORF1ABNSP1Suppress antiviral host response180
NSP3Putative PL-pro domain1,946
NSP3-Cys857AlaPutative PL-pro domain (with Cys857Ala variant)1,946NA
NSP4Complex with NSP3 & 6 for DMV (double-membrane vesicle) formation501
NSP53CL-pro domain307
NSP5-Cys146Ala3CL-pro domain (with Cys146Ala variant)307NA
NSP6Complex with NSP 3 & 4 for DMV formation291
NSP7DNA primase subunit84
NSP8DNA primase subunit199
NSP9RNA/DNA binding activity114
NSP10Complex with NSP14: Replication fidelity140
NSP12RNA-dependent RNA polymerase919
NSP14ExoN: 3′-5′ exonuclease528
NSP15XendoU: poly(U)-specific endoribonuclease347
NSP162’-O’-MT: 2’-O-ribo methyltransferase299
SSSpike glycoprotein trimer that binds to host cell receptors (e.g., ACE2)1,273
SS-24ntSpike glycoprotein trimer (minus 8 amino acids)1,265NA
SS-frag1Entire Ectodomain1,213NANA
SS-frag2Entire Ectodomain without the signal peptide1,199NANA
SS-frag3N-term fragment after the furin cleavage686NANA
SS-frag4N-term fragment after the furin cleavage without the signal peptide672NANA
SS-frag5C-terminal Ectodomain from the furin cleavage site528NANA
SS-frag6C-terminal Ectodomain from the Tmpress 2 priming site399NANA
ORF3A3AInduce inflammatory response and apoptosis275
ORF3B3BInduce inflammatory response and inhibit the expression of IFNβ58
EEEnvelope protein pentamer75
EE-27ntEnvelope protein pentamer (minus 9 amino acids)66NA
MMMembrane protein222
ORF66Antagonize STAT1 function and IFN signaling, and induce DNA synthesis61
ORF7A7AInduce inflammatory response and apoptosis121
ORF7B7BInduce inflammatory response43
ORF7B7B-truncInduce inflammatory response (with N terminus truncated)20NA
ORF88Induce apoptosis and DNA synthesis121
NNFacilitate viral RNA packaging419
ORF9B9BInduce apoptosis98
  • ✓ indicates that clone is available; NA indicates that the clone was not available the time of this writing.