Table 3 Genotyping by sequencing (GBS) mapping data and variant calls for 86 taro samples. Summary data include sample-averaged counts and percentages for total mapped and unmapped reads and reads that mapped uniquely (1x) or were multi-mapped (>1x). Numbers for variant calls include raw variable sites, INDELs, variable sites that passed filters (see text), and the number of variable sites present the mapping population (MP) after applying a minor allele frequency (maf) threshold of 0.012
Numbers of reads (%)Mapped (%)Numbers of variant sites
TotalMappedUnmapped1x>1 xRaw dataINDELsFilteredMP
2,723,1242,257,353 (82.9%)465,771 (17.1%)1,502,585 (66.4%)754,767 (33.6%)15,021,59110,9827,0181,519