Table 4 Annotation statistics from NCBI Eukaryotic genome annotation pipeline for the three focal species genomes in comparison to other Bombus genomes. In the case of the three focal genomes, all are on annotation release 100 whereas B. impatiens and B. terrestris are on 103 and 102, respectively. Details on data used for annotation and comparative statistics are available at the NCBI links given in footnotes a-c
B. bifariusaB. vancouverensisbB. vosnesenskiicB. impatiensdB. terrestrise
Genes: total13,32513,68713,52713,16111,083
Protein coding genes11,14811,33811,18410,63210,400
Non-coding genes1,6531,8021,7892,293607
mRNA: total23,89624,38524,06724,47120,321
Non-coding RNA: total2,7312,9642,9743,5421,428