Table 3 Assembly statistics and BUSCO analyses for the three focal species genomes in comparison to other Bombus genomes
Assembly statisticsBUSCO resultsa
SpeciesLength (Mb)N50 (Mb)No. scaffoldsGC %Complete [single, duplicated]FragmentedMissing
B. bifarius266.82.201,24937.9698.1% [97.7%,0.4%]0.6%1.3%
B. vancouverensis282.13.061,16238.0298.4% [97.9%,0.5%]0.6%1.0%
B. vosnesenskii275.62.831,42937.9398.2% [98.0%, 0.2%]0.6%1.2%
B. terrestris v.1.0b248.712.95,60937.5196.9% [96.7%, 0.2%]1.5%1.6%
B. impatiens v.2.2c245.91.412,50637.7698.3% [98.1%, 0.2%]0.7%1.0%
  • a BUSCO analysis run using the OrthoDB v.10, Hymenoptera dataset containing 5,991 genes.

  • b Bombus terrestris genome assembly version: Bter_1.0.

  • c Bombus impatiens genome assembly version: BIMP_2.2.