Table 2 Repetitive content of taro (Colocasia esculenta) and great duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) genome assembles. Total repeat content was quantified using de novo repeat libraries constructed with RepeatModeler and screened with RepeatMasker. The percent (%) of sequence is relative to each individual assembly’s total length excluding runs of NNN”s between scaffolded contigs. Short and long interspersed elements are denoted as SINEs and LINEs
ElementLength Occupied (bp)% Genome
LTR elements834,904,29312,263,20636.39.1
DNA elements91,787,447221,9564.00.2
Total interspersed repeats1,838,054,94827,138,75780.020.2
Simple repeats35,678,8443,145,2221.62.3
Low complexity repeats8,251,536671,9920.40.5
Total assembly L2,451,787,670135,172,123
L excluding Ns runs2,297,336,160134,368,765
Bases masked1,881,985,32830,955,971
Total % repeat content81.923.0