Table 2 Sequencing statistics. Number of reads (read pairs for Illumina) at each stage in data filtering, including raw data, bacteria-filtered first-assembly data, and filtered data passed to the final second-round assembly. Estimated coverage is based on the number of sequence bases provided to the final assembly and an assumed genome size similar to B. impatiens (245.9 Mb)
SpeciesSequencingNo. raw reads (No. bases)No. reads first assembly (No. bases)No. reads second assembly (No. bases)Estimated coverage
B. bifariusIllumina9.00x107 (26.98 Gb)8.98x107 (26.94 Gb)8.49x107 (25.48 Gb)103.6x
ONT1.72x106 (6.35 Gb)1.63x106 (5.91 Gb)1.46x106 (5.57 Gb)22.7x
B. vancouverensisIllumina8.97x107 (26.92 Gb)8.96x107 (26.86 Gb)8.06x107 (24.18 Gb)98.3x
ONT2.58x106 (10.43 GB)2.53x106 (9.92 Gb)2.27x106 (9.19 Gb)37.4x
B. vosnesenskiiIllumina8.90x107 (26.72 Gb)8.88x107 (26.66 Gb)8.20x107 (24.62 Gb)100.1x
ONT2.08x106 (9.00 Gb)2.02x106 (8.55 Gb)1.72x106 (7.84 Gb)31.9x