Table 3 etr-1 rescue by expression in Q cells and body wall muscles
Q cell expression Ex[egl-17::etr-1(+)]
etr-1(lq61); lqEx9128511021NS000991100NS
etr-1(lq61) no Ex84140020001090100
etr-1(lq61); lqEx913887122NS0001189100NS
etr-1(lq61) no Ex8510113000892100
etr-1(lq61); lqEx9148710210NS105490100NS
etr-1(lq61) no Ex8313220113689100
Body wall muscle expression Ex[myo-3::etr-1(+)]
etr-1(lq61); lqEx944970000< 0.00120009597< 0.01
etr-1(lq61) no Ex7022512213787100
etr-1(lq61); lqEx94586140000.0510002981000.010
etr-1(lq61) no Ex7424110430588100
etr-1(lq61); lqEx9469460000.023000199100NS
etr-1(lq61) no Ex8114212100099100
etr-1(lq61); lqEx947983000< 0.00110001001010.065
etr-1(lq61) no Ex7914601110494100
  • a compared to matched etr-1(lq61) no Ex at AQR position 1 and PQR position 5.