Table 1 Twelve mutant alleles with the lowest score from a Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) with temperature sensitive gene mutants overexpressing CSE4. Listed are the top twelve conditional alleles of essential genes that displayed SDL when CSE4 is expressed from a galactose-inducible promoter (Au et al. 2020). Shown are the mutant allele, SGA score as the epsilon value calculated as previously in (Costanzo et al. 2010; Costanzo et al. 2016) with a negative value indicating a defect in growth, human ortholog (, and gene ontology (GO) annotation (
MutantSGA scoreHuman orthologGO Category
1cdc7-4-1.348CDC7DNA-dependent DNA replication initiation
2dbf4-2-1.22DBF4DNA-dependent DNA replication initiation
3dbf4-ts-1.206DBF4DNA-dependent DNA replication initiation
4gpi12-ph-1.13PIGLGPI anchor biosynthetic process
5cdc23-1-1.113CDC23Regulation of mitotic metaphase/anaphase transition
6cmd1-1-1.031CALML3/5Phosphatidylinositol biosynthetic process
7dbf4-1-0.989DBF4DNA-dependent DNA replication initiation
8sts1-ph-0.975Proteasome localization
9hrp1-1-0.94HNRNPA2B1mRNA polyadenylation
10rna15-58-0.937mRNA polyadenylation
11cdc7-1-0.927CDC7DNA-dependent DNA replication initiation
12pre2-75-0.916PSMB11Proteasome core complex assembly