Table 4 - Genes within scaffold GL429776 with windows possessing FST values >= 0.05 when comparing PA and NY samples Post-WNS
Gene IDFSTNo of windowsNo of windows (per 10kb)Start pos.End pos.Details
MGAT4C0.0612781.0889992109724150Glycosyltransferase that participates in the transfer of N-acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) to the core mannose residues of N-linked glycans
CEP2900.0679121.011070941810827912Involved in early and late steps in cilia formation
ATP2B10.0826120.891222817812362389The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the family of P-type primary ion transport ATPases characterized by the formation of an aspartyl phosphate intermediate during the reaction cycle. These enzymes remove bivalent calcium ions from eukaryotic cells against very large concentration gradients and play a critical role in intracellular calcium homeostasis.
KITLG0.0706101.131112713011215731Plays an essential role in the regulation of cell survival and proliferation, hematopoiesis, stem cell maintenance, gametogenesis, mast cell development, migration and function, and in melanogenesis.
POC1B0.068670.741204467812139811Plays an important role in centriole assembly and/or stability and ciliogenesis
TMTC30.087261.001082771910887502Involved in the positive regulation of proteasomal protein degradation in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and the control of ER stress response.
GeneID:1118249540.069351.141175692811800690uncharacterized LOC111824954
CUNH12orf500.058820.671066332810693373chromosome unknown C12orf50 homolog
GeneID:1118249480.081621.131137501111392720uncharacterized LOC111824948
GeneID:1118249490.063521.141180270411820273uncharacterized LOC111824949
CUNH12orf290.048810.711069629010710421chromosome unknown C12orf29 homolog
DUSP60.060312.261197603911980455Inactivates MAP kinases.
GeneID:1118249550.045911.571210175412108133uncharacterized LOC111824955