Table 2 Pairwise Comparison of Inversion-type Divergent Pairs. Pairwise t tests were conducted between closely related species pairs, with the prediction that separation distances (using Table 1 values and calculated as poly – mono) would be greater in the polymorphic species. However, half the contrasts found a larger separation in the monomorphic species instead. While some of the differences between species pairs were statistically significant (asterisks) even after False Discovery Rate (FDR) adjustment for multiple testing, the overall pattern does not support the hypothesis that inversion tolerance is related to dot-dot distance
Polymorphic SpeciesMonomorphic SpeciesMean ∆, µmt test p valueFDR Cutoff
D. melanogasterD. simulans5.2P < 2.2 x 10−16*0.014
D. yakubaD. erecta1.6P = 0.017*0.027
D. cardiniD. similis−1.4P = 0.018*0.041
D. hydeiD. meridiana−0.70P = 0.0650.056
D. americanaD. virilis−0.70P = 0.07550.069
D. nigricruriaD. mulleri0.56P = 0.11450.083