Table 1 Suppressor genetic analysis
Suppressor AlleleRevertantaDominant/ Recessive (% Embryonic Viable)bLinked or Unlinked from top-2(it7ts)
ude2NoDominant (68.7%)Unlinked
ude3NoDominant (68.3%)Unlinked
ude5NoDominant (85.8%)Unlinked
ude4NoSemi-dominant (41%)Unlinked
ude6NoDominant (83.3%)Linked
ude14NoSemi-dominant (25.8%)Unlinked
ude15NoRecessive (5.9%)Unlinked
ude13NoDominant (73.9%)Unlinked
ude16NoSemi-dominant (17.9%)Unlinked
ude24NoDominant (84.1%)Unlinked
ude7NoDominant (84.8%)Unlinked
  • a This column indicates whether the suppressor line is due to a reversion of the top-2(it7ts) R828C mutation back to wild type.

  • b Percent embryonic viability of heterozygous animals (Suppressor/+). Suppressors with >50% viability are dominant, 10–49% viability are semi-dominant, <10% viability are recessive.

  • ude = is the allele designation assigned to the Jaramillo-Lambert laboratory.