Table 2 Canopy wilting scores for the 10 genotypes with the lowest and highest scores based on mean ranking across environments along with two check genotypes. Each environment was ranked individually, and the mean of those rankings was used to rank all of the 162 genotypes tested. Canopy wilting scores shown are the mean of all replications within each respective environment. A full table of all accessions tested and their canopy wilting scores is provided in the supplementary materials (Table S1)
Canopy Wilting Score
AccessionNameCountryaMGbALL-PANELGA-15-PANELGA-16-PANELKS-15-PANELKS-16-PANELRankBeneficial AllelescBreeding Valued
Slow wilting
PI603535Hei zong huang douChinaVIII610661118−31.80
PI603513AXiao niu mao huangChinaVIII79765223−19.12
PI603529Hei huang douChinaVIII81210231515.55
PI603534ADa niu mao huangChinaVII871285526−15.62
PI532458Ba yue baoChinaVIII10231033722−25.01
PI567405Wei zi douChinaVI91012769275.93
PI603521Huang douChinaVIII10188951016−14.86
PI416937Houjaku KuwazuJapanVI1839168117923−34.10
PI595645BenningUnited StatesVII233824112013223−1.84
Fast wilting
PI567377B(Ba yue zha)ChinaVI346332132615522−17.65
PI15909641S77South AfricaVII315229251715620−33.96
PI381663Kakira 1UgandaVI355545202015725−34.39
NCC06-1090United StatesVI32393924281581113.74
PI599333MusenUnited StatesVI3353322027160167.09
PI41756254.S.30 DL/64/185South AfricaVI364636362516117−11.48
PI330635South AfricaVII3953402516223−20.70
  • a Country of origin of the accession based on GRIN data.

  • b Maturity group.

  • c Number of alleles from all significant SNPs with an effect that reduces canopy wilting score.

  • d Breeding value determined by adding the allelic effects for all significant SNPs individually by environment, and then summing the breeding values across individual environments.