Table 1 Sequencing, assembly and annotation information for the Bacillus firmus I-1582 and Bacillus sp. ZZV12-4809 genomes
B. firmus I-1582Bacillus sp. ZZV12-4809
Assembly information
Assembly size (bp)4,597,7115,245,841
Number of contigs19990
G+C content (%)41.7041.17
Largest contig (bp)277,315587,391
N50 (bp)55,490172,048
Estimated coverage (times ×)15858
Annotation information
rRNA genes2315
tRNA genes103102
Hypothetical proteins1,6001,953
Proteins with functional assignments3,4483,718
Proteins with EC number assignments1,1101,135
Proteins with GO assignments934957
Proteins with Pathway assignments848863
Proteins with PATRIC genus-specific family (PLfam) assignments4,4984,562
Proteins with PATRIC cross-genus family (PGfam) assignments4,5184,611