Table 3 Statistic overview of Aethionema arabicum genome versions
Genome versionDraftv2.5vAMav2.6v3.0
# Bases196,005,095196,022,695203,150,143203,449,326
# Scaffolds59,1013,1662,9902,8952,883
# Scaffolds containing Ns1,9101,7341,5421,539
# Ns25,768,29625,785,89613,946,92213,790,434
  • a The vAM assembly includes all scaffolds; a total of 199 of the 3,166 v2.5 scaffolds were scaffolded via the genetic map into the 11 Linkage Groups (LG) of vAM (included in the 2,990 scaffolds), the 11 LG comprise 125,484,166 bp (64% of vAM).