Table 3 Top markers associated with Piscirickettsia salmonis resistance defined as TD and BS in rainbow trout
RankingNameChraPos (Bp)Alleleb-log(pval)PGVcGenesd
Time to death
1Affx-88923370279998276A / G5.652.43usp2, nlrc3, tap, pitpna
2Affx-88916453314818380T / C1.561.41stl2, aicda, il11, gstk1
3Affx-889226121410975036T / G3.121.21tlr4, tax1bp1, satb1
4Affx-889273972411828385C / A1.551.02a2m, pou2af1, nfkbiz
Binary survival
1Affx-88923370279998276A / GNAe1.50usp2, nlrc3, tap, pitpna
2Affx-88951679568055053T / CNA1.12faslg, prdx6, plpp6
3Affx-889087152932519588C / TNA1.01mapk12, gls
  • a Chromosome.

  • b Resistant/Susceptible allele.

  • c Percentage of genetic variance.

  • d Summary of the genes located within 1Mb window.

  • e Not assessed.