Table 3 Summary of the ver. 1.0 and ver. 2.0 Metrosideros polymorpha genome annotations
ver. 1.0ver. 2.0
Nr. protein-coding genes3930527620
Total gene space, Mb132.5136.5
Gene space, %38.239.3
Mean gene size, bp3371.94942.7
Nr. exons per gene5.76.1
Mean exon size, bp280.2287.5
Mean intron size, bp420.3683.4
Total Nr. transcript isoforms4187440206
Average Nr. transcript isoforms per gene1.11.5
Mean coding sequence length, bp3514.26860.8
Transcript isoforms with Pfam domain, %60.872.0
Transcript isoforms with BLASTP hit, %55.569.8
Transcript isoforms with AED < 0.5, %66.588.4
Transcript isoforms with AED = 1.0, %20.93.4
BUSCO complete, %92.990.3
BUSCO partial, %3.14.0
BUSCO missing, %4.05.7