Table 1 Proteomes used as reference for Orthology Guided Assembly (OGA) of P. sylvestris transcriptomes. Number of input proteins used per reference species and the number of orthologs identified in P. sylvestris with the OGA approach
SpeciesDatasetNo. of input proteinsNo. of ORFs identifiedNo. reference proteins with ORFSAverage length (bpN50N50-lengthNo. of orthologs in P. sylvestrisReference name
P. taedaALL dataset ver. 1.0184,52519,1237,008676.903,3671,15827,241OGAPitaALL1.01
HQ dataset ver. 1.018,99740,2827,899910.198,2611,4227,847OGAPitaHQ-1.01
ALL dataset ver 2.0136,73244,54813,274742.628,1741,26613,131OGAPitaALL2.01
P. lambertianaALL dataset85,0539,7393,805807.021,8331,31722,807OGAPilaALL
HQ dataset13,39644,97112,228892.219,0961,39812,136OGAPilaHQ