Table 3 Additive (α) and additive x environmental (αe) effects underlying bermudagrass morphology detected by mixed-model based CIM (MCIM) procedure implemented in QTL Network v. 2.0
TraitQTLEnv.aSourceIntervalLinkage groupbαcαe1dαe2eαe3fαe4gR2α (%)hR2αe (%)i
ILENqILEN-3-2JointT89CA265902-300 - T5746E10b16−2.02****NSNSNS+0.79*5.10.7
qILEN-1-1†jG11T89T5743D12e - PCD021b4c/d-1 and 18+2.63****25.6
qILEN-3-2G11T89CA265902-300 - T5746E10b16−3.10****15.6
qILEN-3-2T11T89CA265902-300 - T5746E10b16−3.65****17.6
qILEN-3-3T11T574T5746F06 - T5743D06b3a/b and 12−3.56****17.5
qILEN-3-4†T12T89T5741D01a - T5742A10a16−2.03****11.1
LLSqLLS-7-1JointT89CA100438-215 - PAP06F11a20−1.91**+2.66**NSNS−4.35****3.21.2
qLLS-7-1TT1T89CA100438-215 - PAP06F11a20−5.11****14.8
qLLS-7-1TT2T89CA100438-215 - PAP06F11a20−10.73****23.1
LWqLW-2-1T12T89TC62694-450 - RZ7173a/b−0.13****12.7
qLW-5-1T12T574CA078499-800 - PCD148a7a-2/b-I and 5a/b−0.10****10.7
  • a Single environment phenotypes identified with prefixes G Griffin and T Tifton followed by 10 (2010), 11 (2011), 12 (2012) and T1 (1st date) or T2 (2nd date).

  • Joint refers to joint environment analysis.

  • b Linkage group nomenclature following our companion paper.

  • c Additive (and/or dominance) effect of a QTL.

  • d αe at Griffin (2011) for ILEN or Griffin (1st date) for LLS;

  • e αe at Tifton (2011) for ILEN or Tifton (1st date) for LLS;

  • f αe at Griffin (2012) for ILEN or Griffin (2nd date) for LLS;

  • g αe at Tifton (2012) for ILEN or Tifton (2nd date) for LLS.

  • h percent variation explained by ‘α’ effect; i percent variation explained by ‘αe’ effect.

  • j Novel QTL identified by MCIM (not detected/significant at permutation threshold following CIM).

  • * 0.05, **0.01, ****0.001, NS not significant.