Table 1 Pearl millet inbred lines, their genotype at the D2 locus, and source
AccessionGenotype at D2 locusSource
ICMP 451D2D2ICRISAT, Patancheru
Tift redD2D2Wayne Hanna, University of Georgia, Tifton
P-1449-2D2D2ICRISAT, Patancheru
Tift 23BD2D2Wayne Hanna, University of Georgia, Tifton
Tift 23DBd2d2Wayne Hanna, University of Georgia, Tifton
81Bd2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
pT 732Bd2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8008d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8058d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8112d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8157d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8208d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8227d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 8288d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
IP 10399d2d2ICRISAT, Patancheru
Starr (NSL 4716)UnknownUSDA, National Plant Germplasm System, Fort Collins, CO