Table 4 Correlation coefficients between genomic estimated breeding values (GEBV) for winter survival (Spring 2014 or 2015) and climatic or geographic variables of switchgrass accessions comprising Validation data set #1
Min TempaLatitudeLongitude
Training setMethodSpring 2014Spring 2015Spring 2014Spring 2015Spring 2014Spring 2015
All PopulationsGBLUP−0.23b−0.040.570.32−0.76−0.60
All LowlandGBLUP−0.27−0.150.610.47−0.78−0.70
Southern LowlandGBLUP−0.26−0.170.09−0.050.25−0.19
All PopulationsGBLUP-MPM−0.37−0.100.710.43−0.80−0.69
All LowlandGBLUP-MPM−0.38−0.290.720.62−0.80−0.74
Southern LowlandGBLUP-MPM−0.26−0.17−−0.19
  • a Min Temp = 30-yr mean minimum temperature of the coldest month at the site of origin of source population.

  • b Critical values for P < 0.01 significance are: 0.14 for All Populations, 0.17 for All Lowland, and 0.20 for Southern Lowland.