Table 3 Summaries of Poly(A)-Clusters annotated using 3′READs+ and PAS-Seq datasets
StrategyArticleGenomeRaw ReadsProcessed ReadsPACs discoveredParameters Used (other than default)
3′READs+50SE HiSeq(Zheng et al. 2016)hg19 Homo sapiens29,820,497 4 datasets2,519,86721,532 Total, 15,599 Exonic, 2,081 Intronic, 3,852 Intergenic‘-c’ (Reverse Complement), ‘-a 10’ (Minimum A-tract length), ‘-l 25’ (Minimum read length)
PAS-Seq 100SE HiSeq(Chang et al. 2018)mm10 Mus musculus83,224,679 4 datasets37,663,51634,156 Total, 19,922 Exonic, 4,834 Intronic, 9,402 Intergenic‘-a 10’ (Minimum A-tract length)