Table 2 Cyclin C-Dependent Genes. GO-Functional Annotation Clusters for cyclin C-dependent genes. The following clusters (1-5) resulting from DAVID-GO Functional Annotation Clustering, represent the overlapping genes downregulated in both WT Stress and Ccnc−/− MEFs (876 genes)
Cyclin C-Dependent Genes
ClusterESCategoryAssociated Termp-valueGenes Involved (#)
16.16UP KEYWORDSOxidoreductase1.08E-754
GOTERM BP DIRECTOxidation-reduction process7.10E-758
GOTERM MF DIRECTOxidoreductase activity1.69E-653
25.94UP KEYWORDSLipid metabolism2.65E-740
GOTERM BP DIRECTLipid metabolic process4.72E-745
UP KEYWORDSLipid biosynthesis1.18E-520
35.17GOTERM MF DIRECTCadherin binding involved in cell-cell adhesion1.44E-632
GOTERM CC DIRECTCell-cell adherens junction3.70E-633
GOTERM BP DIRECTCell-cell adhesion5.89E-522
43.91KEGG PATHWAYRap 1 signaling pathway7.73E-729
KEGG PATHWAYP13K-Akt 1 signaling pathway2.40E-433
KEGG PATHWAYRas signaling pathway1.18E-220
53.67UP KEYWORDSDifferentiation9.10E-649
UP KEYWORDSDevelopmental protein1.90E-461
GOTERM BP DIRECTMulticellular organism development5.72E-362
  • ES = Enrichment score produced by Functional Annotation Clustering in DAVID.

  • Category Terms Defined: UP Keywords = Uniprot Keywords; GOTERM BP DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Involvement in Biological Process; GOTERM MF DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Involvement in Molecular Function; GOTERM CC DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Localization to Cellular Compartment; KEGG PATHWAY = KEGG Pathway.