Table 1 Analysis of variance and mean values for wheat stem sawfly traits in selected durum wheat landrace accessions averaged over three Montana environments in 2016 and 2017
OriginPI NumberInfestation (%)Mortalitya (%)Stem cuttingb (%)
IndiaPI 4135331.737.813.3
GeorgiaPI 611115.273.80.3
MoldovaPI 611855.8500.4
PeruPI 919563.630.60.9
EthiopiaCltr 144340.0..
TurkeyPI 1665248.057.41.1
TurkeyPI 1669552.3500.4
TurkeyPI 16743610.9453.5
TurkeyPI 1734873.562.50
TurkeyPI 1779475.474.20.9
TurkeyPI 1780484.055.60
TurkeyPI 3417352.71000
TurkeyPI 17867813.51000
USA (durum check)PI 63236612.359.61.0
USA (wheat check)PI 1359613.441.20.32
P value – Among accessions0.00050.10<0.0001
P value- accession x environment0.760.270.27
LSD (0.05)10.954.73.6
  • a Mortality is calculated as total larval mortality in the stem minus the number of larvae killed by parasitoids divided by the total number of infested stems.

  • b Stem cutting was determined by counting stubs at the time of stem dissection.