Table 1 Metadata of sable antelope samples used for whole genome sequencing
IndividualSubspeciesSexOriginHistoryCoverageBioSample IDs
SB#2152Hippotragus niger nigerMalecaptiveBorn 2003 at The Wilds, Cumberland, Ohio40.56SAMN07620900
SB#134Hippotragus niger nigerMalecaptiveBorn 1970 at the San Francisco Zoo to wild caught parents from Zimbabwe7.66SAMN07620902
SB#1954Hippotragus niger nigerFemalecaptiveBorn at San Diego Safari Park7.20SAMN07620904
SB#2027Hippotragus niger kirkiiMalecaptiveBorn at Glenwoods Farm, South Africa, imported into San Diego Safari Park7.26SAMN07620905
SB#2130Hippotragus niger nigerMalecaptiveBorn 1999 at Safari Enterprises, Boerne, Texas7.44SAMN07620906
SB#381Hippotragus niger nigerMalecaptiveBorn 1978 at Busch Gardens, Virginia7.22SAMN07620903
HN216Hippotragus niger kirkiiMalewildLusaka-Kafue region, Zambia12.52Available from the authors
HN250Hippotragus niger nigerFemalewildMahango Game Reserve, Namibia11.74Available from the authors