Table 1 Full-length, classified spidroins with >5 kb complete coding sequences (including start and stop codons), ordered from smallest to largest. Asterisk indicates a correction reported in Han and Nakagaki (2013) but not corrected on GenBank. CySp is synonymous with TuSp
SpeciesSpidroinbp (cds)IntronsReferenceAccession
Araneus ventricosusMiSp5298YesChen et al. (2012)JX513956.1
Araneus ventricosusTuSp15766NoWen et al. (2017)MF192838.1
Latrodectus hesperusMiSp_v16564NoVienneau-Hathaway et al. (2017)KX584003.1
Nephila clavipesMaSp-g7398YesBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01015344.1
Nephila clavipesTuSp8631NoBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01000785.1
Argiope bruennichiCySp18952NoZhao et al. (2006)AB242144.1
Latrodectus hesperusMaSp19390NoAyoub et al. (2007)EF595246.1
Argiope argentataTuSp19462NoChaw et al. (2018)MF962652.2
Nephila clavipesAcSp9636NoBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01010975.1
Argiope bruennichiCySp2*9657NoZhao et al. (2006)AB242145.1
Nephila clavipesMaSp-h10014NoBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01038219.1
Argiope bruennichiMaSp210083NoZhang et al. (2013)JX112872.1
Araneus ventricosusAcSp10338NoWen et al. (2018)MG021196.1
Nephila clavipesPiSp10554NoBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01012117.1
Latrodectus hesperusMaSp211340NoAyoub et al. (2007)EF595245.1
Argiope argentataAcSp113440NoChaw et al. (2014)KJ206620.1
Argiope argentataPySp117280NoChaw et al. (2017)KY398016.1
Nephila clavipesAgSp-d17820NoBabb et al. (2017)MWRG01016148.1
Latrodectus hesperusAcSp118999NoAyoub et al. (2013)JX978171.1