Table 2 Numbers and proportions of genes for which the null model or the model with selection was the most likely in PAML’s branch-site tests of positive selection for each gene in autosomes, in PARs, in the black and color evolutionary strata, and for genes upregulated at the haploid stage
a1 mating-typeNull modelModel with selectionModel with selection among upregulated
Autosomal genes (MC02)6286283
Black stratum11810
Purple stratum800
Blue stratum1800
Orange stratum700
Red stratum2300
Green stratum300
Color strata (pooled)5900
a2 mating-type
Autosomal genes (MC02)6262417
Black stratum10510
Purple stratum800
Blue stratum1700
Orange stratum500
Red stratum2400
Green stratum300
Color strata (pooled)5700