Table 4 QTL identified in the Pierce/PI 41353 recombinant inbred line population of 105 individuals based on means over three sites for WSS resistance traits and two sites for stem solidness measurements
TraitPeak MarkerQTL NumberaChromosomePosition (cM)Confidence Interval (cM)dLODAllele meanCoincident QTL
LowHighPiercePI 41353
Infestation (%)RAC875_c9386_35811A12.70283.9937.742.6
Infestation (%)tplb0044i19_118027B98.2801013.7742.237.4
Mortality (%)S8_13064303533B2222153123.5244.451.9
Early Stem Solidness (Zadoks 37)Ku__c19285_55543Ag1441392303.773.73.3Heighte
Stem Cutting – Field Assessment (%)bRAC875_c19860_37343Ag150.91432244.0116.621.6Heighte
Stem Cutting –Lab Assessment (%)cwsnp_Ra_c407_86231652B80163.7217.321.1Heading Datef
Late Stem Solidness (Zadoks 77)GENE-1351_29166B2742092825.12.82.6
  • a QTL numbers as depicted on graphical genetic map (Supplemental Figure 1)

  • b Visual assessment of percent cut stems in the field.

  • c Laboratory assessment on collected plots at the time of dissection.

  • d Confidence intervals were calculated by the Bayes credible interval method (Broman and Sen 2009).

  • e The Pierce allele was associated with reduced height of 6.2 cm.

  • f The Pierce allele was associated with delayed heading of 2.5 days.

  • g This QTL is designated Qss.msub-3AL.