Table 2 RefSeq Transcripts Alignment Table From NCBI
Assembly accessionGCF_000001635.20*na
Number of sequences retrieved from Entrez36,00936,009
Number of “alignable” sequences (B6Eve count excludes sequences from ChrY)36,00935,948
Number of “alignable” sequences not aligning716
Number of sequences with multiple best alignments (split transcripts)271,621
Number of sequences with CDS coverage < 95%571,644
Number of NMs dropped at consolidation8284
Number of NRs dropped at consolidation144
Placements with frameshifting indels (FS)52Pre-correction: 8,566
Post-correction: 335
Placements with non-frameshifting indels (NFS)57Pre-correction: 55
Post-correction: 32
  • * Transcripts were aligned to the GRCm38 full assembly (GCF_000001635.20), which includes alternate loci scaffolds from a variety of mouse strains. Counts shown in Table 2 reflect only transcript alignments to the GRCm38 primary assembly unit (GCF_000000055.19), which is comprised only of C57BL/6J sequences, unless noted.

  • Frameshift counts are shown for alignments to the GRCm38 full assembly, including alternate loci scaffolds. Pre-correction: assembly prior to Quiver polishing and Pilon correction.