Table 3 Cyclin C-Repressed Genes. GO-Functional Annotation Clusters for cyclin C-repressed genes. The following clusters (1-5) resulting from DAVID-GO Functional Annotation Clustering, represent the overlapping genes upregulated in both WT Stress and Ccnc−/− MEFs (499 genes)
Cyclin C-Repressed Genes
ClusterESCategoryAssociated Termp-valueGenes Involved (#)
13.69UP KEYWORDSProtein transport4.46E-632
GOTERM BP DIRECTProtein transport6.48E-634
UP KEYWORDSTransport6.02E-359
GOTERM BP DIRECTTransport1.03E-260
23.39UP KEYWORDSDNA damage5.54E-521
GOTERM BP DIRECTCellular response to DNA damage stimulus8.19E-525
33.14GOTERM CC DIRECTLysosomal membrane3.16E-518
UP KEYWORDSLysosome1.22E-315
GOTERM CC DIRECTLysosome1.01E-216
43.13GOTERM BP DIRECTProtein ubiquitination7.44E-625
UP KEYWORDSUbl conjugation pathway6.24E-531
GOTERM MF DIRECTUbiquitin-protein transferase activity2.68E-215
52.10UP KEYWORDSUnfolded protein response1.09E-58
GOTERM BP DIRECTResponse to unfolded protein2.00E-48
  • ES = Enrichment score produced by Functional Annotation Clustering in DAVID.

  • Category Terms Defined: UP Keywords = Uniprot Keywords; GOTERM MF DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Involvement in Molecular Function; GOTERM BP DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Involvement in Biological Process; GOTERM CC DIRECT = GO Term for Direct Localization to Cellular Compartment.