Table 2 Differentially expressed genes that are candidate genes of interest based on known roles in maternal and social behavior. The +/− represents whether the regulatory pattern was higher or lower in the parasite compared to the non-parasite. Gene function is classified as structural (S), neuromodulatory (N), or metabolic (M). Citations for known roles in maternal and/or social behavior are provided
Candidate Gene+ / -FunctionCitations
Acetylcholinesterase+NKarvat & Kimchi (2014)
BDNF/NT-3 growth factors receptorSBranchi et al. (2006), Berry et al. (2015)
Early growth response protein 1+SLynch et al. (2017)
Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor+MYamada et al. (2000), Presti-Torres et al. (2007)
Orexigenic neuropeptide+MHarris et al. (2005), Sakurai and Mieda (2011)
Somatostatin+NHofmann and Fernald (2000), Trainor and Hofmann (2006)