Table 1 Summary of Illumina datasets analyzed, and their SPAdes assemblies
SpeciesStrainType of Illumina dataaMillion readsScaffold N50bScaffold L50bNumber of scaffoldsScaffolds > 500 bpModal k-mer coverageMinimum scaffold size
Komagataella phaffiiCBS7435PE, 150 bp11.1642 kb52476061473x78 bp
Hanseniaspora osmophilaNCYC58PE, 100 bp13.871 kb51269247435x56 bp
Torulaspora delbrueckiiL17SE, 50 bp20.84 kb39227260450733x34 bp
Torulaspora delbrueckiiL16SE, 50 bp18.923 kb12312869672129x34 bp
Metschnikowia aff. pulcherrimaUCD127SE, 150 bp6.72 kb3226399641498129x78 bp
  • Assembly statistics were calculated using QUAST from scaffolds >500 bp.

  • a PE, paired end reads. SE, single reads.

  • b When scaffolds are sorted in descending order of length, N50 is the length of the scaffold that contains the midpoint base in the assembly, and L50 is the number of this scaffold.