Table 3 Sex-biased transcript presence in modules that are either unique to each sex (low module preservation), or moderately or highly preserved, along with the number and percentage of the transcripts within each sex’s sex-biased transcript category (e.g., female high sex-bias). These counts only include expressed transcripts that are assigned to modules in the network analysis for each sex.
SexModule Preservation in opposite sexAll expressed transcripts countModerate sex bias (1.5-fourfold)High
sex bias (>fourfold)
FemaleLow0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)
Medium9,613 (54.8%)744 (52.0%)31 (53.4%)
High7,929 (45.2%)687 (48.0%)27 (46.6%)
MaleLow147 (2.3%)19 (2.6%)0 (0%)
Medium1,350 (21.1%)119 (16.5%)1 (2.7%)
High4,886 (76.5%)584 (80.9%)36 (97.3%)