Table 3 Descriptive statistics for traits related to litter size and growth. Litter size and litter weight was recorded in first (LS0_1, LW0_1) and partially also in second (LS0_2, LW0_2) parity females. Body mass of both sexes was measured at days 21 (BM21), 42 (BM42), 63 (BM63) after birth as well as at day of mating (BMM)
TraitNGenerationaMean (SD)
LS0_14,430F2-F2916.025 (3.286)
LS0_21,481F2, F22-F2516.315 (3.766)
LW0_14,410F2-F2927.456 (4.807)
LW0_21,474F2, F22-F2528.627 (5.530)
BM2119,080F2-F3010.878 (2.013)
BM4214,586F2-F3029.439 (3.787)
BM6313,910F2-F3035.185 (3.801)
BMM7,416F2-F2936.418 (4.167)
  • a Generation, generations from which phenotypic records were available. For instance, for trait LW0_1 data were recorded from generations from F2 to F29 and for trait LW0_2 data were only recorded from five generations F2, F22, F23, F24 and F25.