Table 2 Male modules with the number of transcripts within the module (n), the general category of traits correlated with the module (P ≤ 0.01), the most significantly enriched Gene Ontology category (Biol. Proc.), the Zsummary for preservation of the module in Brook Charr females (BC f) and Arctic Charr males (AC m), as well as the identified module quality (robustness). Zsummary < 2 is not preserved, 2 < Zsummary < 10 is moderately preserved, and > 10 is preserved. The grey module includes unassigned genes and the gold module is a random selection of 1000 genes from the assigned modules for testing preservation metrics. Full module-trait correlations are shown in Figure S9, full GO enrichment in Additional File 1, and expanded summaries of this table in Additional File S2.
ModulenTraitsGO Enrichment (BP)Preservation BC f | AC mQuality
yellow339blood; liver; sizetranslation582451
tan173blood; sizenone431841.5
brown1732blood; spermribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis383972.5
lightcyan734blood; sizeorganic acid metabolic process342169
magenta226noneresponse to endoplasmic reticulum stress323845
darkmagenta61nonedefense response to virus271625.5
darkgreen724blood; growth; liver; sizenone241158
steelblue65blood; growth; spermpositive regulation of innate immune response226.226.5
violet64liversterol biosynthetic process211029.5
grey60147nonesecretion by cell201139
turquoise783noneimmune system process121468.5
orangered457spermregulation of apoptotic process122.326.5
floralwhite52noneglutathione metabolic process111325
paleturquoise64bloodresponse to organonitrogen compound107.825.5
lightcyan1791blood; spermcytokinesis9.71167.5
sienna361liver; sizeextracellular structure organization9.61426.5
mediumpurple357sizeribonucleoprotein complex assembly8.45.320.5
skyblue78RINregulation of transcription, DNA-templated6.75.828
grey17992Not a moduleNot a module5.52.3−14
gold1k*Not a moduleNot a module4.93.2−0.035
darkgrey100sizesmall molecule metabolic process1.8−0.2831.5