Table 1 Female modules shown with the number of transcripts within the module (n), the general category of traits correlated with the module (P ≤ 0.01), the most significantly enriched Gene Ontology category (Biological Process), the Zsummary for preservation of the module in Brook Charr males (BC m) and Arctic Charr males (AC m), as well as the module quality (robustness). Zsummary < 2 is not preserved, 2 < Zsummary < 10 is moderately preserved, and > 10 is preserved. The grey module includes unassigned genes and the gold module is a random selection of 1000 genes from the assigned modules for testing preservation metrics. Full module-trait correlations are shown in Figure 2, full GO enrichment in Additional File S1, and expanded summaries of this table in Additional File S2.
ModulenTraitsGO Enrichment (BP)Preservation BC m | AC mQuality
blue21762blood; liver; maturity; RINribonucleoprotein complex biogenesis713258.5
salmon449liver; maturity; RINerythrocyte development561742
darkorange805bloodsmall molecule metabolic process488.836
ivory451ER-associated ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process375.425.5
thistle2834maturitytissue development293.636.5
indianred41180blood; growth; liver; maturity; RINmembrane assembly282.822
coral1689liver; maturity; RINregulation of cell growth255.234
thistle3235blood; liver; sizeinorganic anion transmembrane transport241.221
skyblue196RINintracellular signal transduction171.221
darkmagenta1072blood; maturitysingle-organism metabolic process13558
coral2200regulation of blood circulation112.814
grey5892Not a moduleNot a module92.4−18
gold1k*blood; sizeNot a module4.80.38−0.86
darkred10533bloodprotein ubiquitination4.5−0.5523.5