Table 1 Eigengene analysis of modules identified in gene coexpression network analysis.
ModuleNumber of Genes% Variance Explained by PC1Eigengene EffectsFdf(num), df(denom)P valueEvolvedaEvolved PopulationFunctional annotation
1199242.4%Temperature46.331, 40>0.001*embryo development, reproduction, transport, others
Population2.553, 400.069
Temp x Pop0.133, 400.942
2147142.5%Temperature46.691, 40>0.001*cell-cell signaling
Population2.383, 400.084
Temp x Pop1.003, 400.401
386542.3%Temperature48.731, 40>0.001*immune system process
Population15.533, 40>0.001*ox
Temp x Pop0.853, 400.472
438949.8%Temperature38.241, 40>0.001*embryo development, reproduction, transport, others
Population23.973, 40>0.001*ox
Temp x Pop0.483, 400.700
527850.3%Temperature11.201, 400.002*embryo development, transport, cell motility, others
Population50.323, 40>0.001*ox
Temp x Pop2.953, 400.044*
612065.3%Temperature33.601, 40>0.001*
Population8.063, 40>0.001*heat
Temp x Pop1.063, 400.378
711949.5%Temperature17.181, 40>0.001*translation
Population44.893, 40>0.001*ox
Temp x Pop10.903, 40>0.001*
89855.8%Temperature9.071, 400.004*
Population26.993, 40>0.001*ox
Temp x Pop3.343, 400.029*
97767.9%Temperature13.421, 400.001*metabolic process, aging
Population6.563, 400.001*heat
Temp x Pop0.793, 400.506
107258.9%Temperature0.011, 400.931
Population51.133, 40>0.001*ox, heat
Temp x Pop1.493, 400.232
116058.8%Temperature27.771, 40>0.001*metabolic process
Population6.253, 400.001*
Temp x Pop0.323, 400.809
124968.6%Temperature24.951, 40>0.001*
Population8.383, 40>0.001*
Temp x Pop1.563, 400.213
133265.5%Temperature1.071, 400.306
Population19.803, 40>0.001*ox, heat
Temp x Pop3.843, 400.017*
Unassigned92129.3%Temperature13.961, 400.001*
Population21.113, 40>0.001*ox, heat
Temp x Pop0.593, 400.625
  • a Significant difference (Tukey’s HSD; P < 0.05) between ancestor and any evolved line.